Switching from Bell to Rogers Internet 09/2022

I had been on Bell internet for a year with a $100/month special with Internet and TV. Our discounts expired because Bell/Rogers doesn’t offer locked-in rates, but instead locked-in discounts 🙁 So they can still raise rates throughout the year.

  • The current plan on Bell is Gigabit Fibe 1.5, which is 1.5 Gbps down and 940 Mbps upload.
  • The new plan on Rogers is 2.5Gbps up/down with their Ignite WiFiTM Gateway (Gen 2).

I have my networking gear, and Bell used PPPoE connected to their Home Hub 3000 to bypass their gear. I could have used 2.5Gbe SPF with the direct fibre line into my gear. I just didn’t have the opportunity. I had always seemed stuck with a lower upload speed for some reason.

Moving to rogers, you can see the upload speed is closer to 900Mbit/s. Now to try and get the 2.5Gbps on rogers.

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