Duer Blowouts and Gusset Issues

I’ve bought 6 pairs of DUER’s starting in 2019. Mostly because I love them and they fit well. I still need to try others, but being able to try them on in person in their boutique in Vancouver, BC was what sold me.

A problem started to arise, I almost always wear out the bottom of the gusset. This isn’t abnormal for jeans, I’ve had this happen on a pair of Barbell Apparel jeans. So I simply had them fixed, specifically at Dutil in Vancouver, BC which always does an amazing job. I had a pair repaired from a random shop, and the patch was so thick that it felt as if I was wearing a diaper.

As time went on, I bought more pairs and the same issue occurred after a year of wearing them. Which is over the 1-year warranty, fun eh? So I brought this up with DUER of which they state it’s out of warranty of course and to take them to a dry cleaner or alterations shop to be fixed. It happened again on another pair, and I decided to email them again and see if there is a plan to fix the gusset and reinforce it so it doesn’t wear down so quickly.

Thanks for reaching out! So sorry to hear about your experiences with the gusset! The only tip I could think of would be washing the denim less, if you are not already! The more the jeans are being washed, the more the material is being worn down. Aside from that our design team looks over all the feedback submitted through warranty claims and always assesses where we can improve, so rest assured they are always working on how to make our products better!

DUER Customer Service

I wash them typically after a month or two of use on cold water with vinegar and let them hang dry. You have to wash jeans, otherwise, the dirt and grime break down the material.

At this point, I’m looking to experiment with a new completely replaced gusset and talking with Frank at Doctor Denim to get a repair as I’ve now moved to Ontario.

Please let me know if you’re having the same issue. Comment below.

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