Echelon to Peloton Cadence Conversion

We purchased a pair of Echelon EX-15 exercise bikes as a cheaper alternative to purchasing Peloton bikes. You can still use the Peleton app with the Echelon bikes; you just won’t be on the Peleton leaderboard.

Long story short, the cadence on the Echelon is different than the Peleton. I found some conversion charts online, and I picked one that looked decent. After a couple of months, we started realizing that something wasn’t right. The workouts weren’t that hard, especially since we had been to spin class before.

I decided to do another search and found the following chart online from a Reddit post.

I don’t think your conversion is accurate. When I first got my Echelon Sport a few months ago I was using the following conversion. However, it seemed really easy. I posted in another subreddit and someone shared this. Apparently this was created using a power meter. I have been using these for a few months but it seems much more accurate.

Reddit 😉

Right away the chart seemed to make more sense. Here’s a side by side.

Old Chart
New Chart

As you can see the start 20-25 which is rarely used by instructors on the Peloton app, is a 9-10 on the Echelon. The commonly used 30-35 is 12-15 and the 40-45 which is usually for riding out of the saddle is 18-20 which feels way more comfortable.

Hope this helps you out!

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